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This site is a "life help" site with books that provide information on how to live a life pleasing to God and Christ. Our goal is to provide books and information to help the reader in their studies of the Bible and religion. We also provide other business type books people may be interested in for themselves or as gifts for others.

The author of this site has the desire to educate all God's children about their real heritage of being God's Israelite people. God is pouring out his wisdom and increasing the knowledge he wants us to know in these last days to save his children from the tribulation to come. My mission is to get the books "All About Israel, The Bible and Religion from God's Perspective" and "The Incomplete Person" and the Missing "Life" Information That Gives Us Bad Lives" into the hands of all of his children now while there is still time to ready the bride for the groom.

The missing “life” information taught in The Incomplete Person is based on biblical facts dating as far back as 6000 years ago and facts taught by Christ while here on earth. These are facts that are important in our biblical training as they are required by God as necessary to receive good health, prosperity and salvation. The book covers many religious issues that will help to un-complicate the numerous conflicting opinions and theories taught by man, but do so by deep research of the scriptures to stop all confusion of the topic. Our economy and success as individuals or as a nation is dependant upon these scriptural facts, and will help us to recover faster once we acknowledge them and apply them in our lives.

The information taught in All About Israel gives the reader a better understanding of the Bible, religion and the nation of Israel from God's perspective.

The extensive research that was done for both books of The Incomplete Person and All About Israel makes them extremely accurate in their teachings. The research will be evident to the readers and will prove to them without a doubt just how much the Bible still applies to our lives today.

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Your books have been a great blessing to help me in my life. John A. -GA

Your books are an excellent resource. I wish I had this invaluable information years ago. Thank you for putting this information together to help people.
Beverly S. -Pekin, ILL

I’ve never seen all the religions listed in this way
before, this is really fascinating.
Myles R., Assistant Pastor - Phoenix, AZ

Father, You sent me to the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel (Matt 10:6 & 15:24), and call your people Israel (Matt 2:6) even though they call themselves Jews and Christians. They have labeled me "King of the Jews" even though I was sent to be King of all Nations.

Father, I ask that you bless all the people who read these books that I inspired the author to write. I ask that you anoint the author and this website so that our people know these words come from me, Your Son, and their Savior. Our people have lost the knowledge of how to live a life pleasing to you. I ask that you re-fill them with your knowledge and wisdom with the information in these books so they are no longer incomplete and lack the very essence of you.

As pointed out in Luke 16:19-31, if people hear not Moses and the prophets, then they will not be persuaded to hear one rose from the dead such as me. Father I ask that you take away the vail of blindness upon your people's minds and hearts (2 Cor 3:14-16) as they learn of your love and plans for them as your Israelite people.

I say unto all people, Hear O' Israel. Hear to the word of the Almighty, who says, Behold O' my people, I shall put my spirit in you, and ye shall live....

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